Emotional/stress factors such as depression, anxiety, frustration, letdown, job, bills, ill health, family problems, etc., and even pleasant excitement may be associated with developing a headache.

Keeping a headache diary will help you determine whether factors such as food, change in weather, and/or mood have any relationship to your headache pattern.

Repeated exposure to nitrite compounds can result in a dull, pounding headache that may be accompanied by a flushed face. Nitrites dilate blood vessels. They are used as a chemical to preserve meat and some vegetables. Hot dogs, bacon, ham, processed meats, lettuce in a bag and at a salad bar contain sodium nitrite can cause headaches.

Eating foods prepared with mono sodium glutamate (MSG) can result in headaches. Soy sauce, meat tenderizer, (cheddar, brie), chocolate, as well as any food pickled or fermented foods.